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Oral Spa Elixir

Oral Spa Elixir

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A modern oral spa experience for a healthy smile, fresh breath and stronger gums.

As per the ancient ayurvedic text - Charaka Samhita, oil pulling or Kavala Gandusha is used extensively as a traditional Indian remedy for many years to prevent tooth decay, oral malodour, bleeding gums, dryness of throat, cracked lips and for strengthening teeth, gums and the jaw.

Our Oral Spa Elixir is a natural blend of these antimicrobial, antifungal, rejuvenating, cooling and nutrient rich oils giving you the essential oral hygiene.


Detailed Description

Used as a practice for more than 5000 years as per ancient Ayurveda, oil pulling is actually ‘purifying’ of the body. The process of squishing the oil in the mouth or ‘pulling’ literally means pulling of toxins from the mouth resulting in overall betterment of health.

It’s thought that oil pulling may improve oral health besides preventing tooth decay, bad breath, bleeding gums and, by extension, offer possible benefits for overall health when practiced daily.

Fun Fact

Besides oral care, oil pulling is believed to freshen and stimulate the mind, strengthen the senses and is considered to have a positive effect on the skin in the long run.

Key Ingredients

Coconut oil(fractioned), Mentha oil, Irimedadi Oil, Sesame Oil, Devakusum Oil

Used For

Improved oral health by removing harmful toxins, reducing bad breath and brightening teeth

Suitable For

5+ years

Direction to Use

For Adults - Take 10 ml of the oil in the mouth and Swirl it around for 5-15 minutes (start with lesser durations and build your capacity gradually) so that the oil is moved throughout the mouth cavity. Continue until the mixture of oil/ saliva becomes thicker. Then spit out the oil followed by your usual brushing regime. For children above five years of age - 5 ml of oil is recommended.

Avoid swallowing after swirling as it is loaded with toxins from your mouth cavity. In case of any irritation, please discontinue.

Key Benefits

Removes harmful toxins
Reduces bad breath
Fights plaque
Prevents bleeding gums
Brightens teeth

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  • Coconut Oil

  • Mentha Oil

  • Arimedadi Oil

  • Sesame Oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Nidhi chettri
good for teeth and breath

was suffering from toothache for a long time and after using this my dental health is really improved. Oil pulling really works...This product made it so easy and hassle-free to use oil pulling

Dhruv Varshney

It's really effective for tooth problem. Remove bad breath and give a nice freshness. Also , teeth sensation gets finished.

wonderful product with amazing results!

I have started using the Oral spa elixir oil pulling mouthwash and have been seeing amazing results since then. It is totally different from other mouthwashes which are usually alcohol based. This one is totally alcohol free and made of natural ingredients and is very soothing to the mouth. Gives an amazing naturally fresh feel after usage. Highly recommended.

Deepshikha Acharya
Ayurveda is best

Wonderful product, for complete oral hygiene and full day freshness. Gave great relief to my gum aches.Thanks to age old Ayurveda for coming to my rescue.
Love the mint and clove flavour in this.
A must buy for daily oral hygiene 👍

Ajay Kumar Behera

As per Ayurveda also, virgin coconut oil mouth rinsing is healthy. It’s important for your overall oral health. I was looking for a good brand since a long time and then I got my hands on the Forest Elixirs-Oral spa elixir Pulling. I recommend oil pulling for everyone.

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Shri Atharva Ayurveda Rasayanshala
Plot no 541 Saket Nagar, Lalganj,
Raebareli - 229206
MLN - A-4689/2018

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June 2025

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U Elixirs LLP

Unit no 611, Reliable Pride,

Anand Nagar, Opp Heera Panna,

Jogeshwari (W)

Mumbai 400102

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