Menstrual Pain: Myths and Facts

Menstrual Pain: Myths and Facts

"Menstruation" - A word which itself reminds a lot of women of painful days and stressful triggers, is often a topic easily shied away from. In fact, myriad myths surround this subject under the guise of religious and cultural norms. As a result, the associated pain and it's possible remedies are not quite spoken of. In fact, painful periods is the most commonly reported problems in a woman's lifespan.

 There are a good amount of myths about Menstrual Pain and Cramps executing girls and women social and cultural life. Some of the myths have potentially harmful implications. 

There are various myths and facts surrounding the period cramps, lets read on to find out what are myths and what are facts- 

Myth 1: The Menstrual Pain or the period cramps is just like anything you have experienced. 

Fact: Cramps and pain during menstrual cycle is very much real. Different people experience it differently ,for some it is only mild and bearable for others it may be severe as it may be associated with severe sharp pain headache nausea vomiting dizziness.. Menstrual pain is a common reason for absenteeism from work place absenteeism in school-going girls. 

Myth 2: Menstrual cramps/pain are warning signs of infertility. 

Fact: The fact is mild period cramps or menstrual pain is a sign of healthy ovaries and reproductive system in females. 

Myth 3: Some people believe adhering to some dietary restrictions during menstruation like avoiding sour food like pickles, tamarind, curd, etc. can stop menstrual flow. 

Fact: Avoiding these foods items may help in bloating and gastric discomfort during your menstrual cycle thus alleviating Menstrual cramps and pain. But they not stop the flow. Following some dietary modifications like taking more fluids and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables avoiding soft drinks, alcohol and more salt or sugar intake helps in easing menstrual cramps and pain. 

Myth 4: Many people believable that exercise or physical activity will aggravate menstrual pain and cramps . 

Fact: In fact low intensity exercises or moderate physical activity causes the release of serotonin, which makes you feel much happier. Exercise may also help in reducing Menstrual cramps/pain and reducing bloating sensation. 

Myth 5: Sports should not be practiced during menses. 

Fact: Involvement in moderate intensity sports activity will help in the reduction of menstrual cramps and improves your mood. 

Myth 6: Dysmenorrhoea or Menstrual Pain is usually associated with PMS. 

Fact: The cause of these symptoms is yet unknown. But, hormonal changes that happen in our body during the menstrual cycle are known to play an important role. Regular exercise, healthy dietary habits, adequate sleep, stress management and emotional support may reduce these symptoms. 

Myth 7: Menstrual cramps or Period Pain is a personal issue and should not be discussed. 

Fact: Many Women in developed countries like India still do not have access to proper hygienic resources. They also do not have any support that they require during periods. It is a social issue. Many girls or women miss school or skip work which can drastically affect their education and career. Menstrual Pain and period cramps are very real issues that women face and should be acknowledged by the society. 

Myth 8: Some believe that they are not supposed to take a head bath during periods. 

Fact: Warm water head baths will reduce the menstrual pain and cramps and help them to feel fresh. 

Myth 9: Women believe that pills are the only option to be taken for menstrual pain and cramps.

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