Best Shower Gel for Women

Best Shower Gel for Women

A good shower gel nourishes and hydrates the skin and also imparts sensual fragrances, shower gels are the ideal skin care product to gently but effectively cleanse your skin and provide you with spa like experience at home. 

Best Shower Gel for Women

The foremost function of a shower gel is to deeply nourish the skin from within and prevent dryness and itchiness, especially if it is made of natural ingredients and moisturizing agents. A good shower gel helps in relieving the breakouts and prevents dry and flaky skin. In addition, it would also help soothe skin and even tone the skin texture and make the skin softer and radiant. It's an easy all-in-one way to cleanse, hydrate, nourish, moisturise, and gently exfoliate your skin, along with imparting a radiant glow. 

The best shower gel for women is the one which provides all the above benefits along with being made up of all natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals because in is our body’s largest organ. It protects us every day, whatever we put on our bodies absorbs directly into our cells and can affect our wellbeing and health. Sometimes, we may not feel the ill effects immediately, but overtime these toxic chemicals can accumulate causing irreparable damage to our health and skin.

Often we are very cautious of our facial and hair care routine and the products we use on them. But what about our whole body and shower routine?  Are we cautious about what we are using every day on our body?

Check the ingredient list of your shower gel to see if it contains harmful chemicals and toxins. If they do it may be time to consider an alternative which is made up of all natural ingredients and is free from all harmful chemicals.

Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir - Forest Elixirs- best shower gel for women

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Forest Elixirs crafted a perfect shower gel made with all natural and organic ingredients and is best suited for the delicate and sensitive skin of women. 

A multipurpose treasure, the ‘desi gulab’ or rose is known to soothe and balance the mind, heart and emotions in ancient Ayurveda. Also associated with romance, this beautiful gift of nature is enriched with nutrients. When applied to the skin, this  tender Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir diminishes fine lines, deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin. The sweet aroma enlivens the senses leaving your skin soft and delicately perfumed all day. 

The essence of this ancient wisdom infused with the calming Patchouli plant is a powerful cleansing shower oil that transforms into a foamy lather upon contact with water.

Our mild and gentle Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir exfoliates, relieves dry skin and replenishes the natural moisture of skin. These floral notes are further enriched with cooling Aloe Vera extract, Castor Oil and Glycerine. All of these magical ingredients, silken as well as protect the skin with every wash.

Soak into the aroma of fresh roses and patchouli essential oils for a rich and uplifting experience. This luxurious shower elixir transforms into a foamy lather upon contact with water. Gently nourishing the skin while leaving you with a radiant and smooth after glow. 

Key Ingredients 

·  Patchouli oil

patchouli is a magical plant and has many benefits for the skin. The essential oil derived from ithelps fighting the free radicals caused due to sun damage. It also boosts collagen production and improves elasticity of the skin thus reducing the appearance of signs of ageing like dark spots and wrinkles. 

·  Palma Rosa oil 

Palma Rosa is known to be cleansing and clearing to the skin.  It offers a refreshing and rejuvenating experience that supports and enhances our skin’s innate ability to keep looking healthy and vibrant.  This oil helps in balancing out the appearance of uneven skin tone.  Palma Rosa oil also ease away puffiness and make the skin feel fresh and clean. 

·  Coconut oil 

Coconut oil not only helps in hydrating the skin but also reinforce its natural defensive barrier to better retain moisture which means coconut oil for dry skin is fantastic. Coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory properties which imparts it with the ability to help treat acne, which is an inflammatory condition. This magical oil also acts as a natural de-tan for your skin. 

·  Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera  refreshes the skin and also has a calming effect on irritated skin, It also helps in cell regeneration by accelerating healing, is deeply nourishing and moisturising. Aloe Vera  also has anti-oxidation properties. 

With all the above natural ingredients Patchouli Rose Shower Elixirfrom Forest Elixirs is sulphate and paraben free and is definitely the best shower gel for women available.

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