Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir

Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir

Forest Elixirs brings you a magical combination of Patchouli and Palma Rosa Oils along with coconut oil, castor oil and Aloe Vera which not only nourishes and hydrates your skin from within but also gives you sensual spa like experience at home. Indulge your skin and senses in goodness of our Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir.

Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir

Let us talk about the benefits of our Key Ingredients and how they are beneficial for your skin- 

Patchouli Essential Oil- 

It is believed that Patchouli Oil has received its name after the Hindi word “pacholi”, which means “the scent” due to its musky, sensual and woody fragrance. There is a distinct base note to this magical elixir which evokes a feeling of warmth and this natural healing oil helps in spiritual uplifting, calms your mind, and keeps you grounded. Forest Elixirs – Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir is loaded with goodness of this magical elixir. 

Patchouli oil is multipurpose oil that has several benefits. On one hand it is good for the skin and on the other hand it takes care of body odour, works as an antiseptic and astringent and is said to be anti-depressant properties too. It was traditionally used in the South-East Asian countries and has now spread to other parts of the world for its huge benefits. 

The Benefits of Patchouli Oil 

·         It has therapeutic properties-

Patchouli is widely used in aromatherapy, it’s been proven in many studies that, when inhaled patchouli significantly lowers stress levels and induces the feeling of calmness and compassion. 

·         Known as a potent antiseptic-

Patchouli oil is known to possess very potent antiseptic properties, meaning it can deep cleanse and can help remove dirt and grime from the skin. 

·         Has anti-inflammatory properties-

Patchouli Oil is an excellent ingredient for treating oily skin and acne as it is non-comedogenic and won’t leave the skin feeling greasy but will deeply cleanse the skin of impurities. Patchouli oil is also known to treat variety of skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis, acne, or dry skin. 

·         Works as powerful astringent-

Patchouli Oil is also known for its antimicrobial properties, meaning it kills harmful bacteria on your skin. The added advantage is that it won't strip the skin of its moisture even as it helps in removing the harmful bacteria.

Patchouli Oil

Palma Rosa Oil- 

Have you ever stopped by any flower shop and too ka deep breath to indulge in sweet and heart-warming fragrance of the roses? Their fragrance is iconic and they are symbol of love and youthfulness, but did you know that Palma Rosa Oil also has many benefits for your skin?  
Often referred to as “liquid gold” or the “queen of all oils,” this oil is great for use on all skin types, including sensitive skin. Rich in gifts from mother nature, Rose Oil helps promote beautiful, radiant skin. That is why it’s one of the important ingredients in our Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir            

It’s no wonder that Palma Rosa Oilis one of the most popular ingredient in so many skin care products. This magic elixir is packed with goodness and benefits of many essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, all of which are helpful in treating many common skin conditions such as signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, redness and even adult acne. This Magical oil is perfect for all skin types and its soothing and calming properties makes it suitable and beneficial for those with sensitive skin type also.  

Benefits of using Palma Rosa Oil on skin- 

·         Improve the appearance and health of the skin

Palma Rosa Oil has antibacterial and acidic properties which are very effective in clearing out the surface of the skin and reducing pores in turn improving the texture of the skin. 

·         Helps in maintaining the vitality of the skin

It is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against free radical damage. Palma Rosa oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing. 

·         Antibacterial Properties-

Palma Rosa oil is also known for its ability to fight acne-causing bacteria.

The antioxidant properties of this oil are most important in terms of its antibacterial effect, which may help reducing the acne substantially

Palma Rosa oil

Coconut Oil- 

Coconut oil has popularly and rightly earned the reputation of  a magical elixir and that is why it’s one of the key component in our Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir. According to Ayurveda, coconut oil is used extensively for skin care as well as medicinal purposes for all age groups. This 2000 year old tradition has been passed on for generations and is known to be a natural coolant. It deeply nourishes the skin and enhances glow. 

Benefits of using coconut oil on skin- 

·         Forms Protective barrier on the skin 

Coconut oil is enriched with has anti-inflammatory properties and protects and restores the compromised skin barrier. 

·         Protects from harmful UV rays-

Long exposure in sun and UV rays can  causes sunburn. Topical coconut oil can prevent the damaging effects of UV rays on the skin and blocks 20% of the UV radiation. 

·         Gentle Cleanser 

Coconut oil can also be used as a gentle cleanser to remove makeup. It gently dissolves waterproof makeup and cleanses the skin. 

·         Moisturizes the skin 

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid and myristic acid. which makes it a perfect moisturiser for the skin. It protects the skin from water loss and improves skin dryness and texture.

coconut oil on skin

Aloe Vera- 

Aloe Vera is called “GhritKumari”  in the Sanskrit language and is referred to as a young girl. The plant looks beautiful and young even after it grows old and also helps in maintaining youthfulness of your skin. This magical plant with minimum requirement of care has the most nurturing and potent beauty and skincare benefits and is one of the important ingredients in Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir.

 Benefits of Using Aloe Vera on skin- 

·         Helps in treating Acne-

Aloe Vera plays a very important role in order to treat mild to moderate acne and keeps skin free from bacterial infections. 

·         Improves texture of the skin

Aloe Vera helps in stimulating the production of collagen which improves the texture of the skin and helps in fading dark spots and acne . 

·         Natural exfoliant for sensitive skin

 It is very gentle on skin and good for most of the people who have sensitive skin. In its pure form, Aloe Vera is a natural exfoliant and helps in deep cleansing of the skin and does not leaves is dry after cleaning 

·         Nourishes the skin from within

            Aloe Vera is a good moisturizer too since the molecule chain that it comprises of is the most common ingredient which is found in almost all moisturizers. It nourishes and hydrates the skin and slows down the signs of aging and is a popular ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams as well.

Aloe Vera on skin

Combining all the above ingredients Forest Elixir brings you Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir.Soak into the aroma of fresh roses and patchouli essential oils for a rich and uplifting experience. This luxurious shower elixir transforms into a foamy lather upon contact with water. Gently nourishing the skin while leaving you with a radiant and smooth after glow.

Patchouli Rose Shower Elixir



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