Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir - Forest Elixirs

Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir - Forest Elixirs

About Menstrual Cycle:

The menstrual cycle is a natural process in healthy females. It is a complex cycle controlled by female hormones that cause regular bleeding (periods). The four phases of Menstrual cycle are:

  • menstruation
  • the follicular phase
  • ovulation
  • the luteal phase

 Many women may experience problems during their menstrual cycle like heavy bleeding, belly cramps, body ache and mood swings Talk to your Gynaecologist if you are worried about your period. 

Hormonal events before a period can trigger a range of side effects in women at risk, including fluid retention, headaches, fatigue and irritability. Treatment options include exercise, dietary changes and massage. Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir from Forest Elixirs helps in easing period cramps.

Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir

About Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir:

Menstrual pain or cramps - A word which itself reminds a lot of women of painful days and stressful triggers, is often a topic easily shied away from. In fact, myriad myths surround this subject under the guise of religious and cultural norms. As a result, the associated pain and it's possible remedies are not quite spoken of. In fact, painful periods is the most commonly reported problems in a woman's lifespan. Besides relying on some exercises and yoga postures, women usually tend to pop pills to deal with the symptoms. 

Research from all over the globe proves that menstrual cramps continue to be an important reason in absenteeism from work or school for younger girls. It can interfere with the daily activities of women and hold a lot of women back from being their best. Although a natural phenomenon coupled with its own benefits, the repeated pain and discomfort can be extremely stressful.           

However, Forest Elixirs best-selling product Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir is a natural answer to balance these bodily imbalances. Ayurveda suggests that the menstrual flow which is governed by Vatadosha is aggravated during this time due to intense internal movements. The Vatadosha is normally responsible for a healthy mind - body state, so we need to pacify it in order to relieve  the pain and Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir helps in pacifying this dosha.           

While painful menstruation (also known as, dysmenorrhea) is “normal” ,that doesn’t mean your  needs to suffer. There is no problem that your self-love, self-care and an oil massage can’t solve. 

Our Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir is targeted to relax muscles and ensure ease of blood flow giving you the power to enjoy yourself pain free during your monthly cycle.

Say goodbye to cramp days!

 Forest Elixirs best-selling product - Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir provides you freedom from period cramps and mood swings so you can go about your daily routine without worrying about the Period blues. 

No more worrying about those three difficult days which brings your schedule off-track, Menstrual Pain Elixir got you covered, Now go about your day without worrying about the unwanted and torturous period cramps.

Menstrual Pain Elixir

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Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir-Ingredients:

Taking cues from ancient texts of Ayurveda, Forest Elixirs designed a pain relief oil – Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir which is enriched with the goodness of 100% natural and plant-based ingredients. Some of the key ingredients are-

  • Nirgundi also known as the five-leaf chaste treeit is well known for its anti-inflammatory  and pain suppressing activities. 
  • Kalahari:  It is an ayurvedic herb used in Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir due to its muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.  
  • Lehsuna: It helps in balancing the aggravated Vatadosha in the body during our  menstrual cycle. This aggravated Vatadosha responsible for the imbalances caused in our body which leads to menstrual pain. 
  • KarpooraHaridra:  It exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  
  • Gandhapoora oil: This miraculous oil in Menstrual pain Relief Elixir is known to manage aches and pains very efficiently. 
  • Geranium Oil : Forest Elixir combined all the above ingredients in Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir with the soothing geranium oil which is known to be beneficial for a number of  conditions, such as anxiety, depression, infection, and pain management. This helps take care of the mood swings associated with the monthly cycle.

Application Process:

Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir oil can be easily applied using the rollerball. Apply generously into your lower pelvic and lower back. For best results, hand massage it gently until absorbed. Use as frequently as required. The application can be started 1-2 days prior to your periods or the moment you start feeling the slightest discomfort 

Forest Elixir has packaged Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir keeping in mind the busy lifestyle of young girls and women, it is travel friendly and can be easily carried in your purse or the hand bag. It is suitable for teenagers and women alike and it easy to use anywhere. The pocket friendly elixir is easy to carry and generally lasts for 2-3 cycles.

Best Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir

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Key Benefits of using Menstrual Pain Relief Elixir-

  • Helps in Reducing Menstrual Cramps
  • Eases the Muscle Spasm
  • Regulates Blood Flow
  • Balances the imbalanced Hormones
  • Prevents excessive bloating
  • Manages Mood Swings
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