Buy Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Body pain and Muscle Pain

Buy Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Body pain and Muscle Pain - Pain Relief Elixir by Forest Elixirs

Body Pain:

Pain manifests differently in everyone, body Pains can vary in intensity and frequency. A person may describe them as sharp, intermittent pains or a dull but persistent pain. People can often identify and treat body pains at home with natural and ayurvedic remedies without seeing a doctor. Sometimes, however, they may need medical help. Total body pain can significantly affect your quality of life and productivity. Forest Elixir has hence designed an ayurvedic product -Pain Relief Elixir which can help alleviate this body pain in a natural way.

Best Ayurvedic product for Body pain and Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain:

 The most common body pain that most of us experience is muscle pain. Muscle pain can have causes that aren't due to any underlying disease. These muscle pains can be a result of rigorous exercise, being in a stationary position for too long like prolonged sitting or lying down, doing a new kind physical activity for the first time, sprains or strains. 

We can categories these Muscle pains into two categories- 

  • Good Pain
  • Bad Pain

What is the difference between good muscle pain and bad muscle pain?

·  Good Body Pain or Muscle Pain:

It is well known fact among active sports players and athletes that some muscle pain and discomfort is part of intense physical activities and is often a sign of a successful training program. It’s a known factor that for muscle strength to increase, the muscle must see some increase in activity and stress over what it is used to experiencing regularly, and this stress in muscles is assessed as the “burn” in muscle during physical activities. This kind of mild burn or pain in the muscles is what we call good pain and is the basis of the popular phrase, "No pain, no gain." This kind of muscle pain should be short-lived and resolve soon after the activity ends. 

Most of these pains can easily be treated at home so it’s natural to search for best ayurvedic products for pain relief from this kind of pain. Forest Elixirs Pain Relief Elixir is one such magical oil enriched with potent herbs which supports your active lifestyle and a massage with it helps you in relieving this pain.

· Bad Body Pain or Muscle Pain: 

In our body the muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones are living structures that react to the burn and stress of exercise only gradually. If they see stress rapidly, they cannot respond effectively and can begin to fail. The causes of the failure can be too much stress too fast, or it can be the agglomeration of too much stress overt the period of time. When this occurs, each one of these tissues responds a little differently. This can converge into  bad body pain. 

Bad body or muscle pain can also happen if muscles are in stationary position for too long and do not get enough exercise or movement. Working for long hours on laptop or driving for long can cause this kind of muscle stress in the neck or lower back region. A massage from Forest Elixirs -Pain Relief elixir can help in relieving this kind of muscle stress in the body thus alleviating the resulting muscle pain and body pain. A regular movement or stretching is advised to keep this kind of pain at bay. 

Forest Elixirs Best Selling Product for Body Pain and Muscle PainPain Relief Elixir

About the Product- 

Forests for long have been considered "The Elixirs of life"

And our forests are known to have a bounty of herbs and plants enriched with medicinal properties. In fact, healing with medicinal plants is as old as mankind itself!

One of the oldest surviving texts in Ayurveda - “Charaka Samhita”, also talks about the benefits of herb infused oils. These oils are medicinal potions extracted from these plants.

Oils are believed to be better absorbed by the skin and the deep penetration allows to nourish and heal from within. 

Forest Elixirs- Pain Relief Oil is based on the basic principle of massaging to help the oil penetrate deep into the skin. The natural herbs are used in a combination that provide targeted relief from muscle painbody pain and ailments.

Whether you're experiencing sore muscles, knee, leg or full body pain you can simply rely on these natural oils to relieve you in a simple and mess free manner.


It's the ultimate pain relief decoction; a treasure trove of anti-inflammatory compounds all combined for the best results in relieving your muscle pain.

For thousands of years, people have used the roots and orange-red fruit of ashwagandha for naturally relieving physical pain & stress. Forest Elixirs-Pain Relief Elixir is enriched with the goodness of this wonder herb along with the traditional Jatamansi, Betel Leaf, Aloevera & Devdaru (Wood of Gods) to create a magical potion which can help with any type of body pain or muscle pain. Devdaru in Sanskrit consists of two words where ‘Dev’ means ‘Divine/Godly’ and ‘Daru’ signifies ‘Tree’. The word is also synonym with providing relief from symptoms of osteoarthritis like pain and swelling in the joints. 

Application process 

Rollerball generously to the affected areas and massage gently until the oil is absorbed into the skin. Do this twice a day for maximum relief from muscle pain. Shake well before use. 

Why to use Pain Relief Elixir over other products for Muscle Pain and Body Pain 

Pain Relief Elixir by Forest Elixirs supports your active lifestyle and is suitable for everyone including children. It has no side effects as it is made up of 100% natural and potent ayurvedic herbal ingredients and is completely free from any chemicals. This Elixir can  effectively help in relieving body pain and muscle pain by improving blood circulation in the body . 

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